Monday, January 04, 2010

iPhone or iPod Touch App List

I don't want to go a whole year without writing a post, so here is a list of Apps that I recommend to anyone sporting a new iPhone, or iPod Touch (some are more specific to the iPhone) in 2010 :) I look forward to hearing your comments of Apps I missed... I am including them as iTunes Links to make it easier...

Evernote - A great note-taking app that allows you to sync between PC, Mac, and iPhone
WebEx - If you work in a place that uses WebEx this is a great app for joining a meeting via 3G or WiFi
Remember the Milk - This does require a $25 purchase at their site to go pro, but if you are looking for a great task manager that works well on the web, and on your iPhone/iPod Touch then I recommend this one.
Keynote Remote - If you have a Mac, and you have Keynote this is a great way to give a presentation. The iPhone connects via WiFi to the Mac, and creates a great presentation tool.
My Check Please! - If you need to calculate a tip, or split a bill with other people at a restaurant.
myWireless - Manage your ATT Account if you have an iPhone (or ATT Wireless Account).
Dropbox - My favorite place to store documents, and have them sync across my Work PC, Mac at Home, and now my iPhone. If you don't have an account, and need one, please click here to sign-up.
scanR Card - I like this app for taking a photo of a business card, and having it email me the contact information (always proofread it when adding the contact). BTW - the industry should standardize the type, and layout of the right-hand side of business cards.
Mark the Spot - ATT's newer App for reporting bad coverage areas. Let's hope they listen, because I mark my house very often. - I really only use this when defending a word that I created when playing Words With Friends :)
Dragon Dictation - I haven't used this a ton yet, but based on who created it I expect that it will be a fairly functional App for dictating notes.

Social Media
TweetDeck - The Twitter client that I use, because it will sync my "lists" between Computer and iPhone
Facebook - I think there are like 350 Million people on Facebook, so if you are then you should probably have the App.
Bump - The modern day way to "beam" your contact information to another user.
Mover - The App I use to share a photo with @xyzdawnmp when I get a good shot with my iPhone that she wants a copy of.
Over Here - We dropped @xyzdawnmp off at a store one day, and didn't have an easy way to tell her where we parked. After that I went out and got this little app that is easy to use when needing to convey your location.

Google Earth - A cool app for "flying around" virtually, and looking at satellite images
AccuWeather - I downloaded this when we were at Walt Disney World, and it saved us from getting stranded in a horrible storm several times.
Urbanspoon - For when you need a place to eat. I haven't done this App justice, but the few times I have used it were valuable.

Fun Stuff
CoinToss - I live in a "cash-less" world, so how else am I going to flip a coin :)
Postman - Probably better if you have an iPhone, because it allows you to make "postcards" of your photos, and input messages etc, and then email them off.
Tic Tac Toe Free - A great way to entertain the kids with a quick game of Tic Tac Toe.
Days Until - You have to know how long until that next exciting event (aka Disney World Vacation), and it even lets you associate a picture.
Shazam - A great App that will listen to a song playing on the radio, and give you the name & artist. It does require a microphone for the iPod Touch.
PI83 - I grew up when TI Calculators were just getting introduced into the mainstream, so being a geek I had to have a graphing calculator on my iPhone. I know everyone had the quadratic formula programmed in (until they just started including it).
Remote - Plug your computer into your stereo and use this App to control iTunes, so you can jam while cooking dinner, and control your playlist remotely.
Geocaching - The best way to Geocache if you are in to that at all :)
ESPN ScoreCenter - The App I use for keeping up on all my favorite teams.
Showtimes - How else will you know when the movie you want to see is playing at the closest movie theater.
Lightsaber - A Jedi always carries his weapon close.
Zippo - Conversation piece unless you are at a concert.
Words With Friends Free - A great game for playing "Scrabble" with friends who have an iPhone or iPod Touch.
R-U-Buzzed? BAC Calc - A quick way to make a better judgement as to whether or not you should be driving home or not after a few drinks.

BTW - This post was inspired by @jasmas who recently ordered an iPhone...

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1st posting in almost a year .... of course it is all about the iPhone. Happy New Year!