Thursday, May 01, 2008

Update - still trying to blog again...

Here is a quick update...

Last Saturday - I completed my 4th Degree with the Knights of Columbus. It was a nice event, and I am really glad that I did it. Here is a link to some information about the 4th Degree. I wore my Tuxedo, and Dawn wore her fancy dress from White House Black Market.

Baseball - Tommy had a game on Monday, and on Wednesday. His team won both games. He is doing fine, and enjoys playing both 2nd base, and catcher. The coach pitched on Monday, and on Wednesday the kids started doing the pitching.

Tomorrow Night we have a scrimmage for the Mid-Michigan Stars, so hopefully Tommy will do well.

Work - It has been crazy lately... We are working to implement a BlackBerry solution for mobile users. We are also working on a phone system for our site on the east coast.

Whew! - We made it out of April! The month of April was going to be hectic for us with Hockey (for Tommy & Dawn), Volleyball (Dawn), Baseball (Tommy), Dawns Birthday Party and regular life... We are now in May, and it already feels like it isn't as busy at home :)

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Jill said...

I here ya, April was busy! To busy for me to blog. Maybe I'll try to add one today.
Lisa has some good pics of you guys in your fancy outfits.