Thursday, April 17, 2008

Disney World - Hockey - *sigh* Austin on the Potty...

I know I am horrible poster, so feel free to delete my feed :P

Disney World - Yes, you may have noticed the countdown is going here on the blog, and indeed we are going to Disney World this year. We got a great deal with the free dining promotion that they are currently running, and $800 for all 4 of us to fly non-stop round-trip. So, surprise surprise we are going to visit the Mouse :)

Hockey - My house is Hockey Central... Dawn is gearing up for her Chicks with Sticks (btw - her picture was in the paper this evening, but they put the wrong name on the photograph), and is now playing in her league on Monday nights. I am trying to get back into the Adult Learn to Play that I did a couple of years ago just so I can try to keep up... Tommy is playing on two teams House, and a spring "travel/tournament" team. We have a tournament in Ann Arbor this weekend, and Tommy really wanted a big banner, so I just finished painting the main portion of the banner, and hopefully Dawn will paint the kids names, and numbers on it. Yes, I love my Tommy, so I stayed up to 1 AM working on a banner that being paper could be utterly destroyed by Austin in 3.2 seconds :) Anyway, I am looking forward to the tournament this weekend.

Austin came home from school early today, because he was having potty problems... So, I left work, and took him to the doctor, got the oil changed, and we went to lunch. It was nice to have a surprise day off, and after speaking with the doctor we have a plan with how to make him for comfortable and operating at peak efficiency :P


Well, I gotta head to bed... Catch ya later...


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Jill said...

Nice to have you back on the Blog!)
I posted some pic's of you at your learn to play. It looks like you do great out there. We will all be looking forward to all the Mouse pics.