Saturday, February 09, 2008

Rock Band!!!

If you haven't read Dawn's post this morning I will catch you up on our Rock Band Situation!

Tommy received lots of money for his birthday, and he wanted to buy Rock Band for our PS2. The game wouldn't play in our PS2, so I took him to the store this morning, and we traded in our old "almost broken" (it played every other game) PS2 for $45, and got a new Silver PS2. We validated that the game played before we left the store. We have spent way too much money lately, so we will have to be conservative for awhile :)

My living room has become a Rock Band stage to the point that Dawn and I have to utilize Google Talk to communicate when we are sitting across the room from each other... The game is pretty cool, because you can sing, play guitar, or drums... Austin loves to be in the middle of the action, and especially loves the drums. He looks like he might be the next Rick Allen (one-handed drummer for Def Leppard), as he waves his left arm frantically hitting the drum pads.

In other news... Dawn called me a "computer bully" this morning... I was trying to get her to use Launchy, and she said something like, "that's stupid when you can just double-click the icon". I tried to tell her that it was extremely convenient to press + and start typing firefox to get that open, but she wasn't interested and called me a computer bully. *sigh* Oh well... I guess it is her loss :)

Have a Great Weekend!


Mom2Max&Alex said...

Hmm, my dad is a computer bully so I know where Dawn is coming from. He likes to tell me I should have my icons set to only one click because that's how his are. He also has 5 million buttons in his startup tray so you can imagine how long it takes his computer to load. But I should do that too so I can just click everything in one place. Whateva ;)

As for the rock band living room, I can totally picture it!! Complete with you and Dawn IMing each other from across the room.

lizandlance said...

So when is the first "Rock Band" Party - - Battle of the Bands?

Mike said...

I agree. A "Rock Band" party would be pretty sweet.

Joe....a Computer Bully? That sounds pretty mean. I'll have to start being more careful at work so he doesn't beat me up for my lunch money. =)

Jill said...

Dawn, I know what you mean about those tech guys being computer bullies. They always have some new way of doing something and think it is the greatest thing. I usually listen to what Mike tells me. If I think it is better than what I am doing, I will use it. If I don't like the new thing, I just nod and then keep doing things the way I have been! =)