Monday, January 21, 2008

WHOO WHOO - Another Year!!!

Today is my 32nd Birthday, so I have updated my "about me" section to have the right age... It is bittersweet for me this year, because it was a month ago today that we had Autumn's Funeral Service.

I did have a pretty good year otherwise though... Here are some highlights & lowlights...

- Trip to Disney World with my Father-in-law in April - his first trip
- My Dad and his family were down there at the same time, so we ran into them a couple of times.
- I completed my Cisco CCNA Certification finally - I should have done this years ago...
- I attended Cisco Networkers in Anaheim - I have gone 2 years in a row, and it is always a good conference
- While at Networkers in Anaheim I was able to go to Disneyland for the first time. It was neat to be in the park that Walt actually walked around in :)
- Trip to Disney World in August for our Anniversary
- Celebrating 10 years of Marriage to my wonderful wife :)
- The excitement of being pregnant again :)
- I started this blog...
- My Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner was awesome
- We had a great Christmas including Tommy and Austin doing great at the Christmas Program
- Austin started to work on ice skating
- Tommy won his Tournament last weekend
- I made it to my physical - it has been several years...
EDIT: 1/21/08 @ 1:08 PM EST - I made Level 70 with Taustin in World of Warcraft (WOW)

- The ordeal with Autumn...
- Dawn's grandma passed away near the end of our spring trip to Disney
- My Dad has Parkinson's, and I can tell that it is progressing, and that is sad for me
- Watching my Austin struggle (although it is a blessing how great he is doing, I know that he struggles with tasks that most of us take for granted)...

Well, I am sure I have forgotten something, but I have confidence that Dawn will remind me :P

Let's see what this year has in store for me...


lizandlance said...

Happy Birthday!

Dawn said...

Great post Joe, I'm getting all misty-eyed over here.

I can only think of one thing that you missed in the high lights section at the moment. What about hitting level 70 in WOW?

~Love ya!

Jason said...

It might be too harsh to post on Dawn's blog without throwing you a bone on your birthday, so I'll spread the same message here.

But I'm telling you: if you two don't enable OpenID, I might not be back. ;)

Best of wishes on your birthday, you have much to be thankful for. Dawn is right, level 70 needs to go up on the wall of lifetime achievements. You might add also that you've achieved the naming of a brilliant protege to carry on your legacy.

See you soon.

Dawn said...

happy birthday joe. my teacher mrs. p. says you're awesome. from Jeremy

vanessa says have fun playing with ur wii.

i like pie! from Abi

From Jared, happy birthday. Party harty!

Have a happy birthday homie, from Tyler

Have a good diet. From, Ryan

From Shane - Go for the cake!

Hi Joe, it's Dawn. I didn't teach my students capitalization very well I guess. Hope you are having a great birthday

Joe said...

LizandLance - Thanks for the note

Dawn - Good Point on the Level 70 - I have updated the list

Jason - I have enabled OpenID, so try it again. The naming of a brilliant protege is yet to be seen :P

Dawn's Students - Tell Mrs. Bojo that you need to work on your English abilities :P

sherri said...

Happy 32nd!!! miss you guys

Anonymous said...

Much better. Congrats, you can now add to your list of achievements that you updated your blog to support a cutting edge, open, and decentralized identity system, designed “not to crumble if one company turns evil or goes out of business.”

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Joe! You had a very productive year!

Mike said...

Happy Birthday, Joe!

Mrs. Bojo said...

Again, I feel the need to comment! Happy Birthday! I have to fess up, capilization isn't Dawn's job, it is really a 1st - 4th grade skill that should be automatic by 7th grade. I'm happy that most of the kids have commas and periods where they belong! Let's look at the positive:) Hope you had a great birthday, we all thought about you yesterday and commented on your old age:) hehe! Take care! Amy

Jessica said...