Sunday, December 09, 2007

Early Sunday Morning

Tommy continues to play great hockey! He had a game today, and afterwards, Austin and I went out shopping, and bought a Christmas present for Tommy, because Dawn and Tommy went shopping for Austin and I :) (man that was a bad run-on sentence) I am looking for ideas for Dawn. Let's face it, she has me, and after that...what else is there :)

Dawn saw a picture of a baby born with a cystic hygroma, and it shook her up pretty bad. We are doing well, but the reality is that like anything in life it is hard to have patience. The Midwife asked us how we were doing the other day, and I mentioned that we both know there is another wave coming, and are as prepared as we can be for when that happens. It still suxorz to be waiting for impending doom & gloom...

We had a Christmas Party with the Knights of Columbus tonight, and it was a very nice dinner, and fellowship.

I implemented transcoding last night on our Cisco Phone System. It was fairly easy to do, and it seems to be working for our remote users. We needed transcoding to allow out remote employees that utilize G.729 codec to talk to our IPCC (ACD Groups) that only supports G.711. The rest of our devices can negotiate the available codecs at the time of connection, but IPCC requires G.711 or G.729 at the time of initial install, and can only use that codec going forward.

I also just finished the Dennison Surveys. I feel like I provided honest, and objective feedback to everyone that I could. It will be interested to see how the results get interpreted, and acted upon. I hope they are anonymous, because I have standards higher than most people...

Merry Christmas - I need to do a post about this whole Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas thingy, but I am too tired tonight.


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