Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Another Update...


Tommy had two Hockey Games this past weekend and is just doing wonderful. We are so proud of him. I made it a point as part of my Time Management stuff to sit down with Austin, read to him, and snuggle, and boy did we enjoy that last Friday evening.

Saturday the 1st, Tommy and I headed up to Camp Rotary in Clare, MI to attend Tiger Cub Day Camp. We had a great time! The rest of his Den is going up this weekend, so we ended up with some nice people from Frankenmuth. You may not know this, but I am an Eagle Scout, and I worked for a summer up at Camp Rotary between my Sophomore and Junior year of High School. It was a great experience, and being up there for the day with my son was just wonderful.

Sunday we started with Hockey, and then headed out for the Family Christmas Tree. It was raining and crappy, so we wimped out, and bought a pre-cut, but the Frasier Fir is now decorated beautifully in our living room. Austin really enjoyed decorating this year, so it was good family time.


We are still having a few faxing issues, so I am throwing in the towel, and ordering 2 POTS lines from ATT tomorrow. We also have all kinds of craziness with regards to some 360 Peer Reviews that we are doing. I have been signed up for 3 of them including my Supervisor, and 2 Peers. I am not excited about doing them, because I take reviewing somebody's performance extremely serious. I will end up spending hours completing these, because I will strive to be as thorough and as objective as possible. Oh well, I didn't ask to review them, they asked me, so hopefully they can take it when I "light them up" :P


Nothing too exciting here, except that I am trying to get into Picassa a little, and my work laptop seems to be having issues lately. Also, I am going to try and post some pictures for you :)

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Hi Joe! I like your slideshow :)