Saturday, November 24, 2007

Time & Priority Management...

Well, I fell off the blogging bandwagon pretty quickly, but in reality it is something I want to do :) So, here I start again...

I went to a Time Management Class put on by our Corporate Trainer on the 20th, and she talked about many things that I thought made sense, so I am trying to make myself more efficient... Also, she talked about this thing called life priorities, and so I am going to change my blogging style to try and leverage those a little bit.

Turkey Day was really nice. I ended up going shopping on Wednesday Night, and bought a 12 pound bird to cook. I started at 7 AM getting the Kitchen prepped, and we sat down to a meal of Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Stuffing, Sweet Potatoes, and Rolls at about Noon. We had my Father-in-Law over, and then we watched the Lions lose to the Packers!

We have plenty to be thankful for... The dynamic duo (Tommy and Austin) are doing great, we have a nice house, and great marriage! Our hearts were heavy though with the thoughts of the little one that is struggling... If you don't know the story you can view it here on Dawn's Blog.

Yesterday, we went to Ford Field to watch my Brother-in-Law's Football Team compete for the Division 6 State Championship. They won 12-7, and that was a pretty cool thing to witness. He is only a sophomore, but played on about 10 plays in the game.

I am on a 4-day weekend, so it wouldn't be worth it to think about work. I do have to fix some Faxing issues when I get back to the office.

Black Friday - I didn't go crazy this year, because we have been trying to trim the budget, and get our finances a little more stabilized. It is funny though, because I got a call from my Dad at 6 AM (we have seen each other un-planned on Black Friday mornings before), but I was still in bed. Then at about 11 I got a text message from a co-worker asking if I got any good deals... I guess I must be growing up, because I wasn't into it this year...

I decided to Blog, because I am downstairs trying to get my Thunderbird Junk Mail controls in order. I have email addresses that get 300+ spam messages per day, so I am trying to make myself more efficient by getting the spam filters working. I was only on a 1.x version of Thunderbird, so I upgraded that, and now I am trying to classify the 125,000 messages in my inbox for one of the accounts...

Well, that's all I have "time" for... I might try to post a picture or two at some point of the turkey, but for now...

See ya,

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