Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Thinkpad Tuesday

The highlight for today was trying to troubleshoot why my Thinkpad T60 has battery issues... I have 3 batteries total including 2 for the port in the back (6 & 9 cell), and an Ultra-bay 3 cell battery. The problem is that the Ultra-bay is always designated as the first battery to discharge which causes issues, because I can't swap from my 6 cell to the 9 cell (or vice-versa) while running on the 3 cell in the Ultra-bay... That is unless I keep the Ultra-bay out of the laptop, and only put it in when I am trying to switch my big batteries. That is just too much work, so we put a call into Lenovo, and we are waiting on a reply to determine if there is support for determining which batteries should discharge first. A guy from our Help Desk did find that if I was running linux we could configure this, so now I have to determine whether to run linux primary, and then use a VM to run all the apps that are Windows specific... I will keep you updated as this story unfolds.

BTW - in case you were wondering the Computer Lab at the school worked according to the Principal, but my 6 year-old son mentioned that a couple of computers weren't working, so let's see if I get notified etc... We did order some new optical mice from newegg.com today, so that should improve the user experience.

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